Financial Empowerment

AEDA’s financial empowerment program gives participants the tools to increase their credit worthiness and the know how to plan, manage and improve their financial situation. AEDA’s business counselors can work with participants in their native language.

Credit Building for Success

Credit Building for Success gives you the tools to build a strong financial future for yourself and/or your business by providing you access to:

  • a small 0% interest, no fee credit building loan
  • financial education to put you on the path to success
  • individualized financial counseling because everybody’s situation is different

Financial Education

Our financial education is done in a group setting. Each session will provide a deeper understanding of various financial topics such as:

  • How to determine which banking options are best for you
  • How your credit score is determined and what you can do to improve it.
  • How to manage your existing debt
  • How to plan for successful financial future

Financial education is FREE and available to anyone.

Contact us today to see if Credit Building for Success is right for you. 651-528-7858 or