History and Mission

AEDA was formed in 2006 and begin operating as a nonprofit in 2009 by Asian small business owners, community leaders and activists in response to the building of the Green Line light rail transit. Since our founding, we have grown to respond to the changing needs of our community, developing and offering programs to further advance our mission while sustaining direct engagement of the lower income constituencies we represent. Our programs serve both Saint Paul and Minneapolis. We work in collaboration with partners to achieve our objectives.

Video: Organizing for Equitable Transit Development – Asian Economic Development Association


AEDA’s mission is to increase economic opportunities for Asian Americans.


We envision vibrant diverse neighborhoods infused with the richness of Asian American cultures and leadership.

Our Values

  • Equity: that all people are able to achieve social and economic inclusion.
  • Innovation: that creativity and risk-taking are integral to overcoming challenges.
  • Culture: that arts, culture, and heritage provide strength and leverage to improve peoples’ lives.
  • Integrity: that our work has transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.
  • Collaboration: that partnerships are vital to accomplishing our mission.